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You could book travel on your own, but why would you want to risk it?


Your leisure time away is one of your most precious – and limited – resources. At Brownell Travel, we know that and we will use all of our resources to ensure you make the most of that time. We work hand-in-hand with you to design an itinerary tailored to your unique preferences, and we use our global travel partners to add value to your trip. Whether you are looking for a simple weekend getaway, a bucket-list adventure, or something in between, we will turn an ordinary trip into an exceptional travel experience. 

Let's Break It Down Further!


Our knowledge goes well beyond what you can find on Google. We use our first-hand experiences as well as our wealth of resources, so you have authentic travel experiences. 

Insider Access

Our on-the-ground travel partners don’t just know the latest intel about their destinations, but they also have connections that can make the impossible happen. Would you like to watch the Changing of the Guard from inside the gates? Done. How about an after-hours tour of a museum? Done and done. 

Exclusive Perks

You can’t VIP yourself – but Brownell Travel can. Through my affiliation with Brownell, a Virtuoso Member Agency and a preferred partner of the very best hotels, resorts, cruise lines, and tour operators in the world, we can extend exclusive amenities and benefits to our clients that add incredible value to their trips. 

Personalized Service

What is best for your neighbor isn’t necessarily the best for you – and we get that. We work closely with each client to understand their preferences and then design a bespoke itinerary that fits their wants and needs.  

Peace of Mind

You could spend hours and hours reading about hotels and scouring reviews on Internet, but we all know that you can’t trust everything you read online. With Brownell Travel, you don’t have to stress – and waste time – trying to do it all yourself and hoping for the best. We use our resources to make sure you are in the best of hands, and should there be any issue, we will take care of it so you can enjoy your trip. 

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